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Lukas Kadlec

Lukas Kadlec Profile Image
Director / Solution Designer
Lukas joined Pulse as a programmer way back in 1989. From this humble beginning he has covered many roles at Pulse which have allowed him to develop strong IT and coal mining domain knowledge from his direct involvement within the industry.

Lukas has been heavily involved with Pulse ERP Implementations in Australia and around the world, and helped with the design and development of the Pulse ERP system. In his role as Functional Architect, it is this fundamental knowledge that allows him to focus on getting the job done by providing support on many levels to both clients and employees.

Outside of Pulse Lukas has an ongoing long-term renovation to his home that he shares with his wife and two boys. He regards himself as a jack-of-all-trades with many interests, and over time this has led him to acquire collections of antique cameras, pinball machines and other interesting items.