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Human Resources

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Safe and sound with OHS module


Our Health and Safety module makes it easy to establish and maintain a safe working environment.

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Taking a swipe at mine site security


There’s no debating it – mine site security is crucial. A breach in security can have devastating consequences, disrupting production and placing onsite personnel and the surrounding environment, including the general public, in danger.

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Customisation? Standardisation? How about co-creation!


As the battle between ERP customisation and standardisation continues we throw a third hat into the ring – ERP co-creation.

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Annual payroll workshop nominated valuable experience


Some of our clients attended our annual payroll workshop where they received end-of-year training, a sneak peak at Payroll sub-module Kiosk updates and a presentation from AusCoal Super.

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Xstrata extends partnership with Pulse Mining


Mining giant Xstrata Coal has committed to a two year support contract with Pulse, signing a two year support contract with the potential for additional module development.

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