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How to harness the full potential of your ERP

Your ERP is only as smart as the people who use it.

How to harness the full potential of your ERP

Whether your ERP is upcoming, brand new or a fixed asset within your organisation, it is safe to say that its success is directly tied to the people who use it. Ensuring your users have the confidence and the skills they need to effectively use the system will help to guarantee the return on investment you expected when the ERP was implemented.

Traditionally, staff were provided with face-to-face training and then sent on their way, sometimes with a bulky user manual. Studies suggest that less than 50% of information is retained after such training. This means that your users will forget more than half of what they have learnt. So how do we help them to remember that other half?

Implement a system of performance support. Performance support ensures your users have the resources they need right when they need them. Chances are that you already have some aspects of performance support in place without realising it. Process documentation, policies and user guides are common examples.

E-learning courses are a great tool for performance support. People tend to learn by doing things and e-learning gives users a chance to revisit content, test themselves with quizzes and practise work-orientated scenarios in a safe environment. It has the added bonus of removing retraining costs often associated with infrequent users.

Context-sensitive help is arguably one of the most effective methods of performance support, often presenting itself in the form of tooltips and just-in-time user help. Just-in-time help provides a user with information specific to the task at hand, saving time traversing through a user manual.

If you can leverage the context-sensitive help system to directly access your eLearning courses, and other support content, then you truly have a tool that can lift efficiency and provide the just-enough,  just-in-time, just-for-you benefits of Performance Support.

Combining performance support with a robust training program will provide your organisation with a myriad of benefits. These include:

  • Increased efficiency, as your staff will be able to effectively utilise your system’s features and functionality
  • Higher morale due to reduced anxiety and confidence around using the system
  • Better quality of data due to a reduction in knowledge silos and out-of-system workarounds
  • Reduced errors from better system know-how and saving potential costs from these mistakes
  • Reduced ERP vendor support costs as your staff will be more independent and self-reliant.
  • The ability to enhance and refine training through analytics and user behaviour tracking methods.

Paired together, training and performance support, will work together to ensure your staff have the skills to fully utilise your ERP. And that means you can make better decisions, smarter forecasts, respond faster to changing market conditions and maintain your competitive edge.

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