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Positioning for success

Ensure your employees are in all the right places to best meet your organisational needs.

Positioning for success

It seems obvious to state that the best way to achieve success is, in fact, to place yourself in a position to succeed. The same holds true for an organisation. Pulse Mining Position Management sub-module is a system which can be used to achieve strategic organisational goals through effective placement and management of personnel.

The sub-module revolves around a ‘family tree’, which represents the overarching organisational hierarchy. The family tree consists of positions which contain a variety of information including company, reporting lines, leave approval hierarchies, employment details and required skills. The benefit is when a position is updated it will automatically apply to all employees linked to the position, both current and future. It presents a holistic view of positions and employee placements throughout the organisation, which can be used by management to make better informed decisions around organisational structure and position placements.

Position changes can be entered in advance, which is useful for managing temporary roles. Once the role concludes, the system will automatically update employee position details. This significantly reduces the time taken for payroll staff to manage transfers, and removes the risk of omitted or missed information during the process.

Positional information can be exported and used in 3rd party software, such as OrgPlus to display on intranets, company reports or other promotional material.

The sub-module allows detailed personnel history records to be retained regarding all position changes and can be used to assist with Health and Safety reporting.

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