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Pulse Guardian software observes, predicts and protects

Our Guardian Application is a complete solution to ensure optimal productivity for computer systems, networks and infrastructure.

Pulse Guardian software observes, predicts and protects

Pulse Guardian provides clients with a comprehensive performance management service which ensures optimal usage of computer systems, networks and infrastructure. Designed to increase real-time visibility into system and hardware operations, it reduces business disruption through diminished downtime, lower operational costs and increased productivity.

The application monitors a variety of business critical components, including ERP database performance and activity, users and session times, CPU utilisation and disk growth. The application can be configured to meet individual client requirements, right down to how much toner is left in a printer.

It can be further utilised to reduce energy consumption and incurred costs by monitoring air-conditioning units and office air temperatures.

A comparative reporting feature enables speedy problem identification and resolution. The data collected by the application is used as a baseline to track performance and provide useful comparisons and predictions. For example, disk usage and its growth can be used to predict future storage requirements.

Potential issues can be resolved before they occur. With the ability to set thresholds, such as optimal system usage or maximum disk space, nominated individuals can receive automatic warning notifications well in advance, allowing ample time to prepare and take required action. Notifications can be received via email, SMS or dashboard.

Pulse Guardian has been in use for the last 12 months, and in that time Pulse Technology Services have identified a number of hardware failures before clients were aware of the situation.

Optimised for use across all internet-connected devices, Pulse Guardian can be accessed from computers, tablets and mobile phones, onsite or out in the field.

The application is included in the standard Pulse Mining ERP product suite for new and existing clients.

Pulse Guardian in action.

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