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Pulse Mining enhances SDLC

Pulse Mining moves to self-serve versioning with our new SDLC (Software Development Life-Cycle).

Pulse Mining enhances SDLC

Pulse Mining is in the process of transitioning from a client-by-client negotiated cycle of upgrades to a fully self-service environment whereby Pulse clients will be able to manage their own uptake of Annual Releases, Service Packs and Hotfixes.

This change is concurrent with our development team moving from a Microsoft TFS environment to Git for our code repositories. The self-serve feature is enabled through the use of a Git branching and release model which will have many advantages both in-house and for our clients.

Software Development Life-Cycle


The 2016 Pulse Mining ERP Release schedule remains unchaged as outlined below:

Release Version Client acceptance of new features Release to Clients
2016.00 (Annual Release) Closing 26/2/2016 Available 1/4/2016
2016.01 (Service Pack) Closing 20/5/2016 Available 24/6/2016
2016.02 (Service Pack) Closing 12/8/2016 Available 16/9/2016



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