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Pulse reveal their cards

A combination of tradition and modern, Pulse Mining are excited to reveal their new business cards.

Pulse reveal their cards

Business cards are a long-standing tradition for networking and business prospecting. These days it seems that everyone has their own business cards, and we collect them everywhere we go. Office drawers and wallets are full to the brim with cards collected over time, which means that individuals and organisations need to be more creative to capture attention and cut through the sea of business cards competing for attention.

Pulse Mining is excited to reveal their new business cards, which deliver an engaging user experience through a combination of tradition and modern design elements. The overall design reflects the new branding, with its core elements a representation of the company – professionalism, technology and ability to stand out from the crowd. The business cards are expected to provide recipients with a memorable and positive first impression.

The front of the cards follows the traditional business card blueprint – whitespace, simplicity and the inclusion of important contact information. The back of the business cards provide a heavier contrast, a mosaic of blue with a QR code and tagline.‘The front of the business card focuses on the person, whilst the back is more of a true representation of Pulse Mining’, stated Jess Alexander.

The back of each business card is subtly unique to the cardholder, who has their own unique QR Code and constellation pattern.

The QR codes provide an opportunity for recipients to engage with the business cards, and add a dynamic element to the otherwise static nature of print. They provide a direct link to the website, and can be updated at a moment’s notice to send a recipient to a staff profile, software module or marketing campaign.

The business cards were designed in-house by Content Writer & Designer, Jess Alexander.

Pulse Mining business cards.

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