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One Truth.

Pulse Mining Systems offers an ERP solution developed exclusively for the mining industry.

Pulse Mining ERP is comprised of 6 core modules, covering all functional areas of a commercial mining environment.

To learn more, choose from one of the surrounding modules.

It’s our approach that makes us different

Nobody likes repeating themselves. Each Pulse Mining ERP Module is highly configurable and scalable, able to seamlessly integrate in real-time with other Pulse Mining ERP Modules and 3rd party systems. Data only needs to be entered once, meaning there is one source of truth, reducing repetition, and saving you valuable time.

We also believe in using only what you need. Pulse Modules are capable of independent function which means that you can start with one or two modules, and as you grow, so too can Pulse Mining ERP.

With a community-focused software approach, our philosophy is to improve, enhance and develop our software and services in collaboration with our customers and partners. This means that you don’t need to change to suit the product – we change our product to suit you.

The Future of Pulse

With over 30 years experience we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge that we share with mining organisations, and around half of Australia’s coal production depends on it. We reduce risks and operating costs for mining all around the world. Read about our innovations to find out what's next both for us and for you.


Click on the image below to download the PDF version of the Pulse Mining ERP poster.