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Software Module

Marketing & Logistics

From mine to port.

Our Marketing & Logistics module gives you the tools to mastermind the logistic pipeline from mine to end customer.

Pulse Marketing & Logistics

Designed to track coal from mine to port, our Marketing & Logistics module is an all-inclusive coal management system designed to suit all mining methods. Marketing & Logistics can help you to meet your complex contract quality requirements, harmonising logistical business processes to enable faster, better decisions.

Further enhance your logistical journey to include our Operations Module. When combined, the two modules provide complete management and visibility of coal from pit to customer.

Marketing & Logistics integration with Pulse Mining ERP modules.


Invoicing & Receipting

The Invoicing & Receipting sub-module offers a variety of invoice types and management tools to save you time and money.

Invoicing & Receipting features:

  • Pre-invoicing visibility to enable review and regeneration
  • Support for offshore invoicing through a 3rd country
  • Invoice revisions including accruals, provisional and final invoice classifications
  • User-defined invoice numbering
  • The ability to link internal and external loans, swaps and purchases.

Sales & Forecasts

The Sales & Forecasts sub-module can enhance your organisations performance using mechanisms to remove the guesswork and base important decision on accurate information.

Safes & Forecasts features:

  • Record sales details including stem details, port allocation, letter of credit and charges and omissions
  • Record stockpile and production shortfalls
  • Modelling, including what-if analysis or snapshot for future comparison against current position
  • Slice and dice your data against multiple parameters, such as client, country, material or sale type. The choices are endless.

Blending Schedules & Logistics

The Blending, Schedules and Logistics sub-module is designed for complete management of all active or projected scheduled logistics movements ensuring complex contract compliance and profit maximisation.

The Blending, Schedules and Logistics features:

  • Creation of best-fit blend for each sale based on material from selected mines or specific materials
  • Visibility of contract quality compliance during the railing process
  • Tracking of all balances of loans, borrows and other inter-company purchases
  • Profit maximisation by matching projected and available product to contract requirements.

Customers & Contracts

Comprehensive and easy to use, the Customers & Contracts sub-module enables total management of transactions associated with the entire supply-chain process.

Customers & Contracts features:

  • Definition and storage of complex contract quality details including penalty / bonus formulations
  • Multiple pricing status
  • Long-term planning through forecast contracts
  • Contract documentation status tracking
  • Domestic, export, intercompany and swap/loan contracts
  • Modelling, including what-if analysis.