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Supply & Utilities

Knowledge is power.

Our most popular module, Supply & Utilities has everything you need to manage your supply chain.

Pulse Supply & Utilities

Designed for mining and industrial operations, our Supply & Utilities module provides a solution to effectively manage your resources throughout the supply chain journey from start to finish. With the ability to optimise parts management, reduce operational expenses and harness business intelligence solutions, Supply & Utilities offers organisations a wealth of powerful tools. All at the tips of your fingers.

Supply module integration with Pulse ERP modules.
Supply & Utilities module integration with Pulse Mining ERP modules.



The Stores sub-module provides full coverage for all your day-to-day warehouse management activities, which means you will always know what you have, and where you have it.

Stores features:

  • Parts planning and just-in-time ordering
  • Capability of managing multiple warehouse locations, transfers and off-site receipting
  • Comprehensive stocktaking facilities
  • Intelligent recommended reorder calculations based on minimum stock levels, and also demand driven reordering
  • Barcode scanning technologies and label printing.

Direct Purchasing

Designed specifically for e-commerce and with the promise to spend less time and effort tracking your inventory, the Direct Purchasing sub-module enables organisations to automate and dramatically simplifying purchasing activities.

  • Supplier catalogue shopping
  • Comprehensive supplier and purchasing analysis
  • Tools for service and parts requisitioning
  • Delegated authority approval hierarchy workflows and notifications.

Contract Administration

The Contract Administration sub-module coordinates the processing of service orders generated for supplier contracts of all sizes. Able to link directly with Direct Purchasing, contractual complexities and processes can be simplified, enabling effective management of service contracts.

  • Designed for management of service contracts to predefined schedule of rates and reimbursables
  • Additional layer of security restricting contracts to user-defined categories
  • Ability to cater for non-deliverables, such as services
  • Contract expiry workflows.

Contract Labour

Tailored for mining and industrial organisations, the Contract Labour sub-module provides comprehensive tracking capabilities surrounding contractor personnel or equipment time management. This provides a clear view of contractor utilisation, allowing for more informed decision making and efficient contractor payment.

Contract Labour features:

  • Incorporates contractor timesheet entry facilities
  • Pre-defined rates and schedules
  • Contractor labour hours and costs tracking against work orders and cost centres.

Tool Store

Providing a controlled system for borrowing and tracking tools, the Tool Store sub-module offers a birds-eye view of tooling usage and requirements, enabling you to streamline your tool store processes.

Tool store features:

  • Barcode capabilities
  • Automatic scheduling of tool services
  • Automatic generation of email reminders for the return of tools.